Our Story

The Solution for the ladies with the D Cups and Ups.

Ankh&Lotus™️ is a luxury contemporary Ready-to-Wear brand designed for women with the “D Cups and Ups.” Specifically sizes 36DDD - M.
Ankh&Lotus™️ is also a safe and sacred space for women who are business and career women who also embrace their spiritual nature and utilize it to manifest their own reality.
Our brand was created for these spiritual women who have had to deal with clothes that don't fit properly, the horrible gaping from dreaded button ups, not being able to wear what they really want due to their bra straps showing and physical pain in the body from the weight of the melons. Designer and CEO, Jordan knows every single one of these struggles firsthand and has been dealing with them for the majority of her life. 
Every piece has been designed and crafted with 36DDD - M in mind. The pain, struggle, and "big boob problems" ends here.

 We source the finest fabrics and produce quality garments that are designed to fit larger bust sizes impeccably. Only THE BEST for you. We provide a culture rich VIP experience and World Class Customer service, while encouraging you to trust in your magic and rise into the highest version of yourself.
Ankh&Lotus™️ was born in Detroit and claims international recognition.
"The Return of SHE"
Recognize the Power within
Have and Practice Self Love
Rise into the Highest version of yourself.